Question Interpretation #1 – Translate + Context

This next assignment will be on question interpretation (QI). Specifically, it is on analyzing the vignette – understanding what every sentence means, and how it fits in context. Note that this takes significantly longer than it will in the real world – you are trying to master the correct form so that it becomes more automatic, faster, and accurate on your exam.

Finally, note that there will be TONS of things you can’t translate / understand in context. That is ok! The purpose of asking the question of “what does this mean in context?” is to surface the (many) things we don’t know yet, and that we can master + make cards on so our scores can continue an upward trajectory.

In other words, if there is a concept you don’t understand – make some Concept Cards. If you can’t make sense of a sentence in context and don’t see how they fit together – make a Pathophysiologic Chronology.

Prior to starting this next assignment, please complete the following:

The instructions are here.

Here is the Google Doc (be sure to allow anyone who has the link to be able to EDIT it).


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