Copy + Paste the Cards for Each Module Into Your Anki Deck

You Don’t Have to Make Anki Cards for Content Modules! After Every Content Module, Copy + Paste the Pre-Made Anki Cards Into Your Deck!!

Every time you watch a video, even a well-made lecture, you won’t truly understand most of it. Sure, you’ll have heard the words. You might even start to recognize a concept or two on a question. But you won’t really know it.

The little you might learn by taking notes you’ll forget, because who actually reads their old notes? No one reads their old notes.

Instead, with the Online Course content modules, you’ll never forget the information you’ve mastered! Simply:

A. Watch the Module

Watch the Content Module (this one is on hyponatremia)

B. Copy + Paste the Questions (“Pre-Made Anki Cards”) Under the Video Into Your Anki Cards

Taking notes is as easy as “Copy + Paste” of the pre-made Anki cards beneath each video

C. Do Your Cards Every Day So You Never Forget

Be sure to do your Anki cards every day – if you do, you’ll never forget what you’ve learned! Remember, the worst studying you can do is the studying you have to re-learn later. Do your cards!!