Challenge Accepted!


If you’re here, it means you’re taking part in the 5-Day 2-for-1 Challenge!  As a reminder, every day you commit to:

  • Go to bed by at least 9PM, and wake up by 5AM.  If you’re particularly unproductive, go to bed at 7PM, and wake up at 4AM.
  • Journal for at least 15 minutes prior to going to bed about:
    • Whatever you’re worried/anxious about, going to the core reasons behind your anxieties (usually our feelings of insecurity/inadequacy)
    • 3 things you appreciate about your life (can be things as simple as, “I appreciate I don’t live in a war-zone,” or “I appreciate having access to plentiful clean water”)
    • 3 things you want to work on the next day (can be personal goals, or particular subjects you want to conquer)
  • Listen to the body scan exercise as you go to bed: link here
  • E-mail me when you go to bed
  • (Optional) Tell us about it in the Facebook Group!